Premium Livestock

A dedicated group to lead activities on livestock including; ewe breeding, genetics, dietary trace elements, virtual fencing, new technologies, growth rate potential, relationship between water quality and stock health, animal castration techniques and parasite management

Grains & Fodder
for the Future

A dedicated group to lead activities on grains and fodder including; filling feed gaps, companion crops, cover crops, plant varieties, continuous cropping, seasonal cropping, multi species cropping, soil preparation, seeding techniques, chemical use and rotation, seed coatings, value of in crop grazing, beneficial insectary plants and farm planning tools.

Productive Pastures

A dedicated group to lead activities on pastures including; weed management, drought tolerance, alternative nutrient treatments, yield and cost benefits between single and multi species pastures, deep and sub soil treatments, investigating profit from pastures, establishment techniques, grazing management and advancing species development.

Healthy Soils

A dedicated group to lead activities on soils including; rotational grazing, impacts of living plants in the soils, increasing soil carbon, water infiltration rates, soil biology, sub soil clay incorporation, soil testing, impacts of shelter on soil, soil structure, balancing cations and soil fertility.