Visit our Virtual Field Day 2020

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Virtual Field Day 2020


Beans on a Budget Demonstration 
Location: Paddock B2


Omission Trial – micronutrients
Location: Paddock N4

Potassium Demonstration
Location: Paddock B1

How much is enough when adding lime to our soils?
Location: Paddock B4

SFS Omissions Trial – Macro nutrients 
Location: Paddock B6

Grains & Fodder

Cereal Varietal Trials NJ
Location: Paddock N2

Canola Varietal Trial
Location: Paddock: S2

Mixed Cover Crops for Sustainable Farming Trial
Location: Paddock N3

Fodder Crop Varietal Trial
Location: Paddock N4

Faba Bean Varietal Trial
Location: Paddock B1

Farming Smart – providing high value home grown feed all year round
Location: Paddock B3


Over sowing options with different species and sowing rates into an old established pasture
Location: paddock B5

Meat & Livestock Australia (Producer Demonstration Site):
Growing perennial pastures in a variable climate