Trevor Caithness – Chairman

Trevor pic

Trevor and his wife Carryn run a cattle breeding and finishing operation at Forge Creek, along with growing wheat and barley for local feed markets.

Trevor received in 2002 a Nuffield scholarship to study alternative sources of nutrient for pasture and cropping.

Their farming operation has been developed over the last 16 years, since relocating to the East Gippsland region.

The farm size  is 1,410 hectares plus 340 hectares owned and operated by son Toby. The same machinery is used to farm both properties thus giving good utilisation of machinery assets.  

Trevor has a strong desire to see Agricultural Research being done here in East Gippsland to help unlock the potential productive value of our soils and farming systems, therefore creating a robust viable agricultural industry for now and future generations.

Trent Anderson – Vice Chairman

Trent and his wife Nicole, together with his parents Alister and Suzanne, operate a mixed merino sheep, Hereford cattle and cropping operation on properties in Giffard, Darriman and Yarram. Crops grown include canola, wheat, barley and summer/winter mixed forage crops for livestock.

Through purchasing and leasing, the farmed area has grown to 2,040 hectares. Of that, 1,000 hectares is being used for cropping with the remaining area sown to improved pastures. Currently, there are 4,500 merino ewes and 400 Hereford breeders on the planted fields.

Trent sees a need for local research to assist in solving specific issues. He also thinks there is a considerable need for an education facility to help bring through the next generation of farmers and believes GAgG has excellent potential in this area.

Ken White CA- Treasurer

Photo Ken

Ken  is a self-employed accountant in public practice over 20 years, with many clients in the agribusiness space.  He is a passionate East Gippsland resident who has been active in contributing to community organisations in roles such as Treasurer/Board Member of Bairnsdale Regional Health Service and Audit Committee Member East Gippsland Shire Council. In his spare time, Ken operates a beef cattle operation on 500 hectares of dryland and irrigated river flat at Bairnsdale, along with helping his wife’s family farm (Merino Sheep Stud Pendarra – Kelvin and Jackie Pendergast) at Benambra.  Ken is married to Nicole with two young children.

Rowan Paulet

Rowan pic

Rowan  is from Flynns Creek and farms with his family a diversified business of sheep, cattle and cropping. In 2010 Rowan received a Nuffield scholarship to study “The integration of livestock and cropping in high rainfall zones.” Rowan is an active member in his local community and is a member of the GRDC Regional Cropping Solutions Network. 

Ton Van Dijk


Ton was born in the Netherlands where he grew up on a small farm and got his degree in Agriculture. Before making his move to Australia in 2006, he helped set up a farm for an orphanage in Romania to support the organisation with a supply of a wide range of agricultural products for their own use and to sell.

In Australia he worked for a dairy farm in Winnindoo, mainly involved in growing the grass and irrigation, while slowly building up his own business. Today he farms with his wife and three children in Winnindoo and Seaton, growing crops for grain and fodder (wheat, barley, canola, etc) and runs beef cattle to fatten. 

He always showed an interest in improving his soils and farming practices by trying out things and being involved in local study groups. Within GAgG, he leads the Grain and Fodder Subcommittee and is hoping to be able to get vital results that are relevant to Gippsland . Apart from GAgG, he is part of the local Irrigator Reference Group and is fairly involved with the Winnindoo CFA.

David Caldwell

Dave joined Coonmoor Pastoral Company in 2016, the family farming business of his wife Ellie. Together with the family on both dry land and irrigated land, they farm beef, sheep and dairy at Lindenow South and Maffra. Prior to farming Dave held numerous roles in the Ag commodities sector based in Northern NSW and had strong involvement with research organisations similar to Gippsland Agricultural Group.  Dave’s has a keen interest in using relevant and locally based research to lift overall farm production in Central and East Gippsland

Sam Richardson


Sam has spent most of his life farming. He has completed a motor mechanic apprenticeship after which he has spent 1 year on a dairy farm before returning to the family farm. Today, Sam is farming on the family farm at Bete Bolong in Orbost with his wife Emily and their kids Lillian and Ruby, growing seed corn, grain for dairy fodder and trade cattle. 

Murray Stewart


Murray has been living and farming in Hillside, Bairnsdale all his life , he along with a handful of other likeminded people started a small agricultural group called, “Top Crop “. The group was interested in soil health along with variety trials for fodder crops & grainsin the Bairnsdale area, Murray has always had a passion for Improving soils capabilities in East Gippsland.

Murray along with his wife Debra & son Kane run a mixed farming enterprise on 1,700 hectares at Hillside, they grow a variety of crops such as wheat, barley, maize & lucerne, they also run Merino & crossbred sheep as well as beef cattle.