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Gippsland Ag History

Over 20 years ago, a Top Crop group started in the Bairnsdale region on a 10 hectare site beside the Bairnsdale Aerodrome and its main focus was soil health along with variety trials for fodder crops and grains.

Over time, the group evolved into the Gippsland Branch of Southern Farming Systems and continued to carry out research trials and demonstrations.

In 2020, the original 10 hectare site grew to 100 hectares, which was quite a change to the original group’s activities. To make the 100 hectares work as a viable ‘trial farm’ it was decided the Gippsland Branch of Southern Farming Systems needed restructuring. The Gippsland Agricultural Group formed and have become responsible for the lease and management of what is now known as the Gippsland Research Farm.

Gippsland Agricultural Group is an incorporated, not for profit, volunteer run organisation based across Central and East Gippsland. The group is driven and managed by local farmers who are seeking local solutions to local issues. The group’s focus is to conduct relevant research trials and demonstrations, to investigate innovation in agriculture and the feasibility of implementation in local environments. The knowledge will be gained by conducting small scale research at the Gippsland Research Farm and if proven viable, moved to satellite farms for large paddock scale research. The information gained will be shared through the farming community as well as partner organisations.

The structure of the group is:

  • Board of Management – who manage the business operations of the group
  • Subcommittees – who drive the membership’s interest areas and include:
    • Livestock
    • Grains and fodder
    • Pastures
    • Soils

The Board of Management and Subcommittees are comprised of either producers or affiliated people who work locally in the agricultural sector and are passionate and enthusiastic about agriculture in Gippsland.