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Edition 13 – June 2021
Welcome to the Gippsland Agricultural Group’s monthly e-newsletter.
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Tuesday August 31st at the Riviera Convention Centre in Bairnsdale.


  • Resilience and Recovery: How a former NSW Farmer of the Year traded his way out of 2½ years of drought (Nigel Kerin)
  • How a family-owned sheep stud which lost its entire ewe flock in the 2015 Pinery (SA) bushfires has bounced back (Troy & Nette Fischer)
  • Succession Planning: Rosemary Bartle
  • Financial Literacy: Colin Wright
  • Analysing the market forces that are shaping beef and sheepmeat prices (Rob Herrmann/Simon Quilty)
  • What does it mean to be carbon-neutral, how can we achieve that, and what is in it for us? Doug McNichol MLA
  • Did you hear about the $500,000 carbon credit trade to Microsoft? Hear from the bloke who sold those credits Matt Crozier from Cavan Station
  • Soils ain’t just soils, Sol. What is happening underground and how can we profit from that? Grant Sims
Plus, Masterclasses in:
  • Stock Trading: Nigel Kerin
  • Precision Lambing: Tim Leeming
  • Crossbreeding & Heterosis: Alastair Rayner

As well as

·         Stockhandling and labour-saving equipment

·         Auto-drafts and Walkover weighing

·         Compliant stockyards

·         Digital agriculture: drones, robots, remote sensing and other clever stuff 

At the end of the day there will be a gourmet paddock-to-plate dinner, featuring, you guessed it, red meat!

Tickets will soon be available on Eventbrite. Keep an eye on the Gippsland Agricultural Group Facebook page

To liven up the Gippsland red Meat conference and to celebrate the resilience of the regions red meat producers in light of the recent drought and bushfire we want your best photos that remind us of the thing that we love about Agriculture. 
The photos can be funny, interesting, whimsical, historically-accurate, historically-dodgy, every-day, matter-of-fact, anything-at-all: as long as they are about agriculture.
Let’s show our industry in its best light… and CELEBRATE AG…
  • the outdoors
  • the animals
  • the pastures
  • the people
  • the work ethic
  • the history
  • the innovations
We want the photos that say “I love farming because….”  Look in your phone right now and send them through to;
Craig Bush at or 0427 943 155

A shout out to a great conference support “Elders Bairnsdale” who have provided a prize for the winner of the photo

Meet the new team member – Jen Smith
The board is pleased to announce that Jen Smith will be joining our team as Gippsland Agricultural Groups “General Manager”.  

Jen is a sheep and cattle farmer with her husband Brad at Tambo Crossing.  They have two children at primary school in Bairnsdale, she is passionate and involved in agriculture in the Gippsland region.   Jen is impressed by what has been achieved in such a short space of time on the research farm and excited to join the Gippy Ag team to contribute to unlocking production potential in Gippsland.   
Jen will report directly to the myself as the CEO and her role in the team will encompass a number of responsibilities including; 
  • Overseeing the general business of Gippsland Agricultural Group
  • Supporting the Sub-Committees to pursue their goals and objectives
  • Sourcing and applying for funding to support the goals and objectives of Gippsland Agricultural Group 
  • Leading a number a number of key projects on the research farm and on satellite farms
  • Coordinating and Supporting other project leaders and activity facilitators 
  • Co-Designing and implementing strategy for the organisations sustainability and growth
  • Engage with government and not for profit organisations on behalf of Gippsland Agricultural Group. 
  • Coordinating an internal operations calendar of key tasks and projects to assist the research farm and projects to meet key dates and reporting milestones.  
  • Coordinating an external extension and engagement calendar of events in partnership with other staff and facilitators to assist the smooth role out of extension activities for Gippsland Agricultural Groups Members 

Macro Nutrient Omission Trial
The Top Soils Macro Nutrient Omission Trial, located in paddock B6 at the Gippsland Research Farm is investigating on farm nutrient constraints through a subtraction or omission fertiliser experiment. The experiment is designed to test the response of barley (Planet) in the 2021-2022 growing season, to Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), Potassium (K), Sulphur (S) and Lime.
The recent wet weather and early growth stage has highlighted the impacts of the different nutrients applied. At this stage the plots with N, P, K, S and lime applied appear the healthiest, but it is also worth noting that by just adding lime, there is a significant difference to plant health. 

The full analysis of the research results will be presented at the Results Dinner early next year.

This project is supported by the East Gippsland Catchment Management Authority through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare program and Southern Farming Systems


A little more on crop nutrition from our local agronomist Casey Willis
Plant nutrition is vital to growing a successful crop and getting the nutrition correct is extremely important……
Click Here To Read More

A New Sponsor 
Gippsland Agricultural Group are very excited to welcome aboard Browns Fertilisers as a sponsor, this season supplying the fertiliser needs for the research and demonstration plots.

Brown’s has been operating in North East Victoria and the South and West Gippsland areas for over 35 years. With three depots across Gippsland, a depot in North East Victoria and our own fleet of trucks we can service your needs for fertiliser and lime, no matter the quantity you require.
Laura Hunt from Browns Fertilisers and Ton van Dijk and son Harry from GAgG

Gippsland Research Farm Update

WHEAT –  Time of sowing 1 (8 varieties) and time of sowing 2 (12 varieties) and time of sowing 3 (9 varieties) are now all in the ground.

BARLEY – Time of sowing 1 (3 varieties) and time of sowing 2 (11 varieties) are in the ground, with time of sowing 3 (12 varieties) to go in as soon as the paddock is dry enough after the latest rains.

SPECIAL THANKS to AGF Seeds, Baker Seed Co and Seed Force who donated all seed


47 different varieties, which include 10 cereals have all been planted
SPECIAL THANKS to AGF Seeds, Upper Murray Seeds, Stephen Pasture Seeds, Valley Seeds, Seed Force, PGG Wrightson Seeds, S & W Seed Co and Barenbrug who donated all seed

The permanent perennial pasture is now established. The winter crop has been sown with express oats and rape. The winter relay crop  of rye corn, leafy turnip and tillage radish has also been sown. As soon as the winter crop is established, livestock will be added to the demonstration.
SPECIAL THANKS to Graham Seeds, Barengrug and PGG Wrightson Seeds who donated all seed


To create a break in the original Research Farm paddocks (close to the green shed), 6 varieties of annual ryegrass have been planted to see how they perform.

SPECIAL THANKS to Barengrug, Stephen Pasture Seeds and Dyna Grow who donated all seed


The 3 year project investigating the impacts of summer cover crops on the following cash crop is in its final  year, with the summer covers have been grazed, sprayed and now sown to Planet barley.

SPECIAL THANKS to AGF Seeds who went above and beyond to assist sourcing seed


The 3 year trial is now in its final year. The trials are investigating the limiting factors for N, P, K, S and Lime (Macro Trial) and Mg, Cu and Zn (Micro Trial). All fertilizer has been weighed and hand spread for each plot, seed sown and a top dressing of SOA due to the very wet soil conditions.

SPECIAL THANKS to AGF Seeds who went above and beyond to assist sourcing seed


A new project that will demonstrate 12 different options for hay and silage production, including grasses, clovers, other legumes and cereals.

SPECIAL THANKS to Casey, Brody and Trevor who went above and beyond to assist with design


All the sheep have been shorn.


Stage 3 of the farm development has started, with more fencing being constructed.
Free RLEM Insecticide Resistance Testing

Have you noticed a chemical control failure or suspect insecticide resistance in redlegged earth mite (RLEM)? If so, we can help to test whether your local RLEM populations have evolved insecticide resistance.

Insecticide resistance in RLEM

Control of RLEM is largely reliant on three registered chemical classes; neonicotinoids (as seed dressings), synthetic pyrethroids (SPs) and organophosphates (OPs) (as foliar insecticides). Continued use of these limited chemical options has resulted in resistance issues.

Populations of RLEM that are resistant to either SPs or OPs, or possess resistance to both, are now present across large areas of Western Australia and parts of eastern Australia. This includes confirmed resistance in multiple redlegged earth mite populations from South Australia in 2017 and a recent detection in Victoria.

For more information on redlegged earth mite see Pestnotes and our RLEM management tools webinar

Free resistance screening service

Cesar Australia is offering a screening service to test for insecticide resistance in RLEM within South Australia, Victoria, NSW and Tasmania. The screening is at no-cost for Australian grain growers and advisers, thanks to funding from the GRDC.

We are particularly interested in hearing from growers or advisors who have had experienced recent or past chemical control failures or have paddocks that are frequently impacted by the mites, and often require spraying.

The service will not only help detect any resistance before it becomes widespread but will also help identify the best control options for growers. 

Cesar Australia will be undertaking field trips to collect RLEM for resistance screening, so get in touch if you would like us to collect RLEM from your area.

Click Here To Find Out More
The latest newsletter from our friends over the other part of the State
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Heads up on Animal Health
Maximising lamb survival by resident vet Alison Gunn
With several good seasons behind us, many people are reporting high scanning percentages
in their sheep. This is potentially good news with high lamb prices, but an increased number
of multiple lambs can also lead to higher losses due to lambing difficulties and mismothering.
There has been a lot of recent research into improving lamb survival, as minimising losses will
improve both animal welfare and the sheep producers bottom line. Mismothering is the most
significant cause of lamb death, but a high proportion is also due to dystocia (lambing
Click Here To Read More
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