January: Plans for the other half of the paddock

This year we will plant the other two paddocks at the Gippy Ag Research Farm as part of our MLA producer demonstration site. We are hoping to show the benefits of increased weed control when planting perennial pastures, with control methods targeting both annual ryegrass and summer weeds. This paddock was worked about the same time that paddocks A and B were planted, but unfortunately, it got too wet to put into a winter crop. After it was worked, an amazing crop of annual ryegrass appeared. We estimated it to have grown in excess of four tonnes to the hectare, although no formal cuts were taken.

 Picture above: Annual ryegrass in paddocks C and D,  30th September 20

By the time we could get back onto the paddock, it was too late to plant a cereal crop, so we let the ryegrass grow, grazed it and then sprayed out before October 15. At that point, we again considered cropping it by this time putting in brassicas over the summer, but once more it got too wet to work. By January it had a mat of ryegrass trash on it, and eventually, we were able to work it so that it will be suitable for planting with the perennial pasture mixes.

Summer weeds and ryegrass trash in paddocks C and D, 11th January 21

 Paddocks C and D after working 2nd February 21