The first demonstration site was planted at the Gippsland Research Farm last month. The 4 Ha paddock was divided into 4 areas, each of which will be prepared differently (Paddocks A-D) Paddocks A and B were planted this year, and paddocks C and D will be managed to improve the control of annual weeds and be planted in 2021.

This year we hope to demonstrate the benefits of a fallow prior to planting by keeping paddock B weed free since early March. On 26 April, the soil water content of paddock B was 17.6%. In paddock A which had been growing plants up to that date, it was only 9.4%

Plot A (No fallow) Plot B (Fallow)
Spraying – time and treatment 28/04/20 – Paraquat 2L/Ha

2/05/20 – burnt to reduce trash

9/03/20 – Glyphosate 2L/ha

28/04/20 – Paraquat 2L/Ha

2/05/20 – burnt to reduce trash

Sowing date 20/05/20 20/05/20
At planting, there was still a lot of trash in Paddock A that had not been fallowed (LHS photo)

Each paddock contains six plots with a  mix of different species selected to perform in our climate, and it will be really interesting to see how they grow and persist.